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Coffee Preparation

Brewing coffee is an art. Sure, almost anybody can make coffee, but does it taste great? Here are some helpful hints to aid in creating a tasty beverage at home.


Fresh Coffee

Use only fresh beans, roasted within 10 days or less. Why start with a stale product, right? Not delicious...

Water Temperature and Filtration

Don't overlook the importance of your water! It is 98% of the beverage!

Water boils at 200 degrees here in Boulder, which is optimal for a great cup of coffee. If water does not reach this temperature, essential oils will not be fully extracted resulting in weak, sour tasting coffee. Bring your water to a boil and preheat your brewing vessels! If your water temperature exceeds 200 degrees (sea level) it's too hot for brewing delicious coffee, so a rollling boils is not as necessary as it is here in Boulder.

Always brew coffee using filtered or bottled water. This will alleviate impurities and ill tasting elements in the water which obviously, will affect the flavor of your coffee.


You need to have a home grinder. Grinding your beans just before coffee preparation is essential to achieving a great cup of coffee.

Don't skimp on your grinder! Don't buy pre ground beans!

This is VERY IMPORTANT to making good coffee at home. A quality burr grinder will give an even grind with consistent partical size. Cheap blade grinders, will give you mixed size particles, both large and small. This will create some over extraction, some under extraction, and for sure sludge on the bottom of your cup...eew!

Turn your blade grinder into a spice grinder and purchase a Bodum burr grinder. You'll notice the difference immediately!





Check out Conscious Coffees' web site for detailed brewing instructions.

French Press

Automatic Drip